jean pierre dube


Education: P.E. and Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering from École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Senior engineer and corporate manager with major realisations in business development and project management in mining, infrastructure and energy sectors. In depth knowledge of business management with strong network relations in the described above fields, with main involved stakeholders including funders. Excellent communicator and strong decision maker with an inclusive and positive leadership that motivates and empowers teammates.

Experience initiating major Public Private Partnership ( PPP) projects the environmental protection, power production, affordable shelter and the promotion of sustainable development in the countries;
Also in providing first-class physical infrastructure for the treatment and disposal of waste and wastewater;
And also in promoting collaborative efforts through international co-operation;
Specialist in implementing environmental protection and energy related projects worldwide;
Administering robust environmental impact assessment in the planning of new developments and major projects.

In his role with WPP Energy, Mr. Dube is responsible for Sourcing and Managing High Value Government Energy and Economic Development Projects Globally for WPP Energy. Contracts are typically valued into the Billions, and include PPA’s up to 35 years in duration. Emphasis on Waste to Energy Power Plants in Africa. He is also the Senior Vice President (Global Operations) of INEWCORP, a company founded in 2008 that is focused on the art and science of solving the social, economical and humanitarian problems that developing countries face.