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Mobile Waste Conversion Technology that can Collect and Convert Household, Industrial, Medical and Landfill Wastes!

Introducing The WPP Truck

The WPP Truck is a Mobile Waste Converter that collects and processes up to 36 tons of waste per day converted into biofuels with no pollution

September 25, 2018 (Geneva, Switzerland — PR NEWSWIRE) — WPP Energy GmbH (“WPP”) announced today that it has acquired the worldwide exclusive rights to a disruptive mobile waste conversion technology that can collect and convert household, industrial, medical and landfill wastes, leaving only a 3% inert residual that can be sold as recyclable material. The mobile plant also produces and captures hydrogen which can fuel the mobile unit and be sold as a green energy fuel source or dissipated into the air.

A fully operating mobile waste conversion unit has been in operation in Brazil for the past 16 months.

WPP plans to build the first Assembling Plant Facility in Brazil in 2019 and another four facilities will be built, two in 2020 and another two in 2021with a budget of up to 5 Billion US Dollar, each of which will produce 1320 units per year for a total production of 6,600 Mobile Trucks to handle the massive waste problems in Brazil.

WPP also intends to license exclusive and non-exclusive rights to territories throughout the world for the manufacturing of the waste conversion units and is in negotiations and discussions with potential joint venture partners.

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