Headquartered in Geneva Switzerland, WORLD POWER PRODUCTION ENERGY CORPORATION (WPP ENERGY) are leaders in the global renewable energy industry since 2009, led by President Mr. Rafael Ben with over 30 years’ experience in the sector and guest speaker and lecturer at international Green Energy Summits. WPP ENERGY’s mission has remained consistent throughout the years and that mission is to use Innovative and Disruptive Technologies to Produce and Provide the World’s Most Affordable and Efficient 100% Clean Energy. 

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Minimum for private sale is 20 ETH, The PreSale and Crowdsale have a minimum of 1 ETH.

WPP does not exclude persons from any nations from participating in the ITO. US residents, citizens, and Green Card holders will need to confirm their eligibility as accredited investors. All participants are encouraged to check up on any local ITO rules.

As an alternative to providing financial documents, investors can be automatically accredited if they instead demonstrate proof that they possess a wallet containing at least USD $100 worth of cryptocurrency.

Details on the bounty program are available here:

There will be no affiliate or referral program for the first round of the ITO. You can Join our WPP Telegram Group channel at the following link: WPP Telegram Group to receive information and news when it becomes available.

We accept Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) cryptocurrencies (credit cards also accepted). Investors can avoid transaction fees and receive the highest number of tokens by paying with ETH.

Note: Credit card payments will be subject to transaction fees which will be deducted from your purchase resulting in fewer tokens. Your tokens will be locked (no sales and no payments) until we can secure the community from chargebacks. This period could be anywhere between 2 months and one year. You will not receive any payments during this time, though dividend payments will be made retroactively for the locked period after tokens are unlocked.

Tokens will be purchased directly from WPP during the ITO. There will be a hard cap to be announced for the number of tokens. Any unsold tokens will be burned.

The WPP security token is fully compliant with US and Swiss financial authority regulations. WPP tokens may be traded on secondary exchanges after the ITO in addition to public regulated exchanges.

Secondary markets are not controlled by WPP. We expect the trading price of WPP TOKEN to rise steadily.

You will need an ERC20 compatible wallet to store your WPP tokens. We recommend to use the MetaMask plugin for Chrome as it is the easiest way and does most of the work for you.

WPP does not sell our Mobile Mining Units to individuals. We do have options for third-party co-operations for our industry customers.

If you are not an industry customer, then the best option for you is to participate in our ITO.

If you are an industry customer, then please send us an email to info@wppenergy.io subject: Purchase Request, with the following information so that we can direct your request to our sales team:

  • Name
  • Company
  • Position
  • Location
  • Type of electricity generation for your power plant
  • Indication of electricity prices at your location
  • Estimate how many units you would like to purchase

WPP offers additional customer services to individuals investing over (((USD $1 million))). Please contact our investor relations team at (+41 91 756 6945) or send and email to: ito@wppenergy.io and we will get in touch with you.

WPP Energy has at the moment a few open positions within the IT development division, as well as open positions in the physics and engineering division which will be announced from time to time at the following link: https://wppenergy.io/career.


See our About Us section to learn more about Our Team and our What We Do page:

WPP Energy Corporation and its founder Mr. Rafael Ben are not easily compared, since starting in the business in 1972 several key innovative and disruptive energy technologies have been developed, including our HHO Solutions. 

WPP Energy President Mr. Rafael Ben started early on gathering a team of scientists and engineers to develop alternative fuels, this at a time when the price of a barrel of oil was closing in on $195 per barrel. WPP brought new advanced technologies to affect great changes in the environmental, advancing eco friendly solutions while lowering gases and fumes being emitted increasing efficiency in green energy power generation. 

We would suggest you read more about it at WPP Energy History and our ROADMAP. 

The future for WPP ENERGY and its Cryptocurrency, WPP TOKEN, is very bright indeed. We expect exponential growth in the WPP TOKEN valuation.

Water is a very inexpensive energy source, which our HHO Solutions use to create energy. For example compare the cost of 1 Cubic Meter of water @ $0.10 to 1 Ton of Coal @ $250 USD. Obviously a massive diference in price, while producing clean energy generation.

WPP Energy will be happy to provide such information within the proper Channels, just ask for it by sending a request and one of our representatives would show you the original documents on a live vídeo.

Pricing for the Mobile Power Station and HHO for Home Owners will be annouced as soon as possible. The HHO Power Plant Conversion solution cannot be purchased or licensed, instead WPP partners in joint ventures with Power Plants, becoming a stakeholder in each Power Plant we convert to HHO.

The pool of the WPP TOKEN will initially be fixed with the option to increase it through the introduction of new types of tokens to support new Technologies once they’ll become active within the next two year period.

Needless to say the future for WPP TOKEN is very bright with our incredible arsenal of energy technologies, many government contracts and 2 key upcoming digital platforms, The Green Energy Platform and the Exchange Platform. We believe the WPP TOKEN will increase in value at a much faster rate that most others on the market.

All HHO units and operating plants are connected remotely by an online cloud database system that records each and every Kilo Watt produced from each unit, and recorded from each region which provide the specific location, specific clients and suppliers on a daily basis that is connected to the accounting division for the overall power production.

The ETH blockchain will be used for the time being until our green energy platform will be completed, then the WPP TOKEN will become 100% independent as a separate entity using our own platform to increase stability.

Yes you will have the chance to see the smart contract once it will become available.

Use the following link for help: Signup Page

WPP site is fully secured in which it will be extremely difficult to hack, in any case if something like this occurs you should reach our security divison for further investigation. Use the following link for help: Contact Us Page.

We strongly advise that you should consult with your local authorities and find out more information about, we take no responsibility on this matter, it is totally up to you to take the necessary steps to be on the safe side.

You are most welcome, you can send a request within the Contact Us Page, and one of our representatives will help you take the necessary steps.