Global green energy platform

The World’s First Global Renewable Energy Supply Marketplace performing the role of a sales facilitator offering green energy solutions, both services and goods from green energy suppliers around the world.

A Blockchain based platform to facilitate the worldwide electronic trading of energy supply at wholesale prices from Green Energy Suppliers in a B2B, B2C and P2P focused Blockchain marketplace platform targeting buyers around the world who wish to purchase, trade or resell renewable energy supply and related products and services. Trust/Reputation, Privacy, Identity, Record Keeping, Digital Assets (energy contracts), Financial Settlement , A Going Green Reward based rebate program all managed on the Blockchain.

Video Introduction

WPP Token is being generated to serve as a featured payment method for all energy transactions conducted through the Platform. Users will be required to use WPP Token which can be obtained through the WPP Exchange Platform by converting fiat or other cryptocurrencies into WPP Tokens The combination of the Global Green Energy Platform and the use of Smart Contracts through WPP TOKEN as the featured payment method for Platform participates will accomplish a sharp reduction in energy prices for buyers using the platform and will capture market share from the polluting fossil fuel industry.

Green Energy PRODUCTION Platform

Energy Supplier Schematic

The platform will apply market pressure to not only the toxic fossil fuel industry but also to utility companies who traditionally serve as the overpriced intermediaries between electricity producers and end buyers. This platform will expose the real cost of renewable energy in front the entire world so buyers at a minimum can be more informed about mark-ups applied from their current providers and then be incentivized by a variety of options and attractive pricing make informed decisions based on alternative solutions provided in the platform.

Data feeds are to be established between the Global Green Energy Platform and participating Green Energy Producers who are required to data transmit the type of energy available, the amount of energy available for purchase, the price of the energy, the location & distribution network of the energy (present and future), data metrics revealing how green the suppliers energy is as te platform aspires to implement a Provenance traceability of any hydrocarbon emissions from green energy suppliers so buyers can be very informed. Those suppliers who have a broad energy distribution network in place will be more desirable to attract as suppliers to the platform and some suppliers are providing energy in multiple nations.

Participating green power supply types:

    As the platform becomes heavily populated with suppliers then end consumers will be given tools on the platform to organize themselves to express an aggregated energy supply demand to a green energy supplier who is interested in growing their energy distribution network into the community expressing interest. Electricity producers can then make current and future infrastructure and distribution decisions based on captured demand in the platform.

    A robust set of data will also be captured from suppliers of Green Energy Hardware (such as solar, wind or hydrogen energy hardware) which can be purchased by users of the platform and delivered throughout the world to the doorstep of a buyer. This is particulary useful when no producer of electricty is offering supply through the platform in a users geographic area, instead a solution can be shipped to their doorstep an installation cordinated with a technician on the ground.

    Buyers will be able to use data sorting tools provided, after entering through a global energy grid/map interface, to find green electricity supply data which is relevant to them. Use of a smart contract enabled WPP TOKEN as a featured method of payment will provide the ideal environment for the automatic processing, recording and tracking of a large number of transactions globally will help reduce operating/ payment processing & record-keeping costs through automation.

    Use of Smart Contracts through WPP Token on a distributed storage system on a permissioned ledger will help avoid any attempted disruption or blocking of what will be energy industry changing transaction methods and increased market pressure to lower costs based on the exposure of much lower prices offered in the Global Green Energy Platform Marketplace. WPP is using a permission based blockchain model to avoid mining and to ensure we are not adding to the present and growing energy crisis caused by crypto mining. Several reaching consensus algorithm options exist that do not require any mining.