up to 100% financing

renewable energy producers, principals, inventors and project developers.

If you are seeking energy financing as an individual, a company or a consortium, explain the need at hand and allow WPP Energy to enhance your financing needs for a complete turnkey power generation projects, financing of a minimum of $10m and over $1 Billion USD.

We have access to many capital funding sources, including venture capitalists, private investors, hedge funds, banks and financial institutions. Please send an email to info@wppenergy.com with your financing requirements so we can begin helping with the financing that you need.

Huge challenges are inherent in financing renewable, alternative energy endeavors. These challenges are further complicated by the presence of emerging technologies, which are particularly difficult to finance. The more complete your information, the more quickly we can respond and begin aligning your project with the most appropriate funding source.

Each request is reviewed and responded to by Capital Funding Corp Global Arm Division Of WPP Energy. Our team of experts understands your needs and look forwards to hearing from you.



Are you an investor with financial resources looking for high quality investments? We have a pipeline of opportunities to discuss with you. Please advise as to your investing parameters.