Introductory Offer – We are offering to the first 5 Investor Groups for our MSW Mobile Truck manufacturing facility a 30% cash return on your 100% secured investment at 100% face value of your SBLC/BG which will be returned in 18 Months. You will also get a Manufacturing Facility License for 25 years including a 20% profit sharing interest.

The amount of the BG/SBLC will be based upon the amount of truck production you wish to License. For each 1.320 trucks which requires a 30,000 sq. meters’ footprint, we charge a $1 Billion SBLC/BG, and pay you 30% cash or $300,000,000 in 18 months plus return the instrument free and clear.

You then maintain a 20% on – going profit sharing interest in 25 years in the License.