Abbey is a descendent of the Taj Mahal family in Agra, India.
He was born in Nairobi, Kenya where his family owned and operated boutique hotels and safari lodges.

Abbey completed his studies in London achieving a First Class Bachelor of Arts degree in International Business. His achievements include being presented “. The Asian Business Professional of the Year Award “in December 2018 and in addition, been honoured as a Freeman of the City of London Corporation.

Abbey is a skilled negotiator and has a breadth of knowledge in international infrastructure, real estate developments, renewable energy products and mining operations in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa.

He has worked with several multi-national companies as a Government Relations Officer and the UK Government participating in various trade missions with the objective to promote British Trade within the Commonwealth Countries.

Abbey has a passion for developing Eco-friendly technologies for a zero-pollution environment and continues to work to provide a solution to minimise global warming and climate change. He has an overall vision to incorporate premeditated growth opportunities in the Green Energy and Eco-Efficient Property development sectors.

He is an efficient corporate team player who approaches all tasks in a disciplined and structured manner to achieve company and personal goals.

Abbey thinks creatively and he always strives to develop and introduce new ideas to protect mankind, increase global stability and develop more sustainable living conditions for everyone.