sergei s. sidorov


As a dedicated and conscientious individual with a positive attitude, Mr. Sidorov strongly believes in “customer-centric” oriented business practices. His ultimate focus rests on developing new global market opportunities that yield positive and tangible outcomes for all parties involved. Thus, through persistence and prioritizing strategies and processes accordingly, he goes above and beyond to explore all viable avenues to achieve stated goals.

Mr. Sidorov has successfully completed a Diploma in The Motive Power and Administration Program at Centennial College. The program was a springboard to multiple placement opportunities where he gained strong general technical knowledge and industry training. This unique experience allowed Mr. Sidorov to establish Sidorov Trade in 2014, a global physical product brokerage trading service provider with a focus on Luxury Goods and High-end Automobiles.

As COVID-19 swept the world, Mr. Sidorov responded by naturally expanding his focus and expertise into the market space of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). He holds a widespread network of suppliers and is spearheading WPP Energy’s various PPE procurement services and programs. Additionally, Mr. Sidorov has a profound interest in renewable energy and in processes where waste is reduced, repurposed, and/or eliminated.

In his pastime, Mr. Sidorov can be seen spending time outdoors with his two young boys and participating in exhilarating sports as mountain biking, skiing, and ATVing