mr. mehmet durmaz


1972 Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turkey.

1978 Local Secretary to Turkish General Consulate in London.

1993 Founded “Emre Ltd” in Ankara, Turkey.

Emre Ltd. currently represents established manufacturing companies in several countries which provide gas turbines, spares and services for government contracts. Expertise and experience in Solar Energy Power Plants, Civil UAV operations for Environment and Forest Ministry.

Established previously AVANGART Drying Technologies Ltd in 2007 in the ITOB Industrial zone of Izmir city on a new plant 6500 square meter to produce innovative very fast wood drying machines, fruit drying machines and machines that produces both animal and fish food and/or fertilisers by using the waste output of fish, food, factories and farm animals wastes, and all kinds of farming wastes.

Construction facilities in Bodrum; Construction of Geothermal Hotel facility which is under construction phase at this time is under progress in Bodrum, Turkey. I have made a Primary Education School with 16 classroom constructed in Bodrum/ Gümüşlük and has been donated to the state.