serhii derchuk


Sergey has been in the Agricultural and Environmental market sectors for nearly 10 years. As a Director of Business Development for WPP Energy, Sergey is focused on Waste Management and Green Power Generation Solutions. He typically focuses on Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Sergey is the founder of “DERCHUK–RWT” with a focus on fuel production from waste.

  • Manure and sinks from livestock and poultry enterprises;
  • The mortality of animals and birds;
  • Waste from agricultural enterprises (organic waste: straw, husk, etc.);
  • Waste and effluent of meat and dairy processing enterprises;
  • Oil-fat companies;
  • Sugar factories;
  • Alcohol factories, breweries;
  • Canning plants;
  • Enterprises for processing agricultural products;
  • Wastewater, sewage sludge;
  • Waste from oil-producing and refineries (oil sludge).