Thomas Perez


Thomas Perez is an entrepreneur at heart and he is focussed on Market and Business Development for WPP’s Hydrogen and Waste to Energy product offerings.

Thomas is passionate about the potential of WPP Energy’s solutions as sees his role as an opportunity to change the world for the better.

He was instrumental in bringing past companies successfully into European Markets and in 2016 was called upon by Lifevantage Corporation, a pubicly traded company in nasdaq ( LFVN )

Thomas has previous direct sales experience as an insurance broker for a very large French Company.

Previously in a direct sales role Thomas built a community base of more than 10,000 people spanning across 35 countries.

His duties at WPP also include promoting WPP’s participation in the Blockchain space via the upcoming Global Green Energy Platform.

Thomas is passionate about blockchain technology with 5 years experience in the sector as an investor and promoter since 2015, having raised substantial money in the market.