troy macdonald


Mr. MacDonald is a driven and versatile entrepreneur with an intense focus on project management that produces high quality outcomes. He has extensive experience in Physical and Digital Currency and Finance. A dedicated life long learner: successfully completed MIT University Blockchain Technology & Business Innovation and also Harvard Business School Disruptive Innovation Strategy. Currently at Stanford University Energy Innovation & Emerging Technologies. He is a 4 time National Award Winner for outstanding business development as a HNW Private Banker with TD Bank (a Top 25 World Bank) and National Employee of the Year with HFC/HSBC.

Mr. MacDonald is passionate about renewable energy and making an impact in developing nations, having witnessed first hand unacceptable living conditions in Africa while conducting precious metals business as an invited delegate of the Ghana Minerals Commission. Mr. MacDonald is under accelerated tutorship from WPP President Mr. Ben, undergoing a focussed study of renewable energy and to ensure this is translated into an optimum cryptocurrency model where WPP TOKEN investors receive maximum financial benefit from all of WPP ENERGY’S present and future activity.

Mr. MacDonald is also an internationally known Numismatist with a 40 year, 2 generation history in physical coins and currency. He possesses an established network in bullion banking & gold refineries and the acquisition and processing of gold mining output. A major stakeholder in a promising 160sq km active gold mining tenement in Central Australia.

Mr. MacDonald is a Precious Gemstones expert and the founder of Gem of a Diamond, a B2C and B2B as a private wholesale supplier of elite gemstones to some of the world’s most prestigious jewelry brands.

Mr. MacDonald is a competitive Tournament Chess Player (4 World Opens, the World Chess Festival and the Pan American Games).