The WPP EXCHANGE PLATFORM will serve two main purposes:

As the essential gateway to the Global Green Energy Platform as those participating in the Global Green Energy Platform (P2P, B2B and B2C renewable energy marketplace of suppliers electricity and electricity generating hardware) must transact in WPP Tokens. Users wishing to transact in the Global Green Energy Platform who do not already have WPP tokens can enter the Exchange Platform and convert their fiat currency or various crypto currencies will be accepted for trading into WPP Tokens and then users will be free to transact on the Global Green Energy Platform.

As a stand along exchange platform with a focus on promoting the crypto-to-crypto trading of energy and crypto mining cryptocurrencies and digital tokens. This will result in increased liquidity for all participating cryptocurrencies by allowing the various currencies to trade against one another.


20+ different energy related cryptocurrencies will be tradable in the platform

Rapid trade execution

New currencies added as industry grows

Increased liquidity for all participating cryptocurrencies

WPP Public Wallet address & WPP App to support trading activity

Compliance audits will be conducted on new coin launches

The platform will offer among the lowest trading fees in the industry

Deployment of advanced security practices

Quick support for Forks and Airdrops



To reward any WPP ENERGY customer for adopting one of our energy solutions we will be offering rebates to be paid out in WPP TOKENS. This is our way of saying thank you for choosing us and for helping to keep our planet clean.

We will provide rebate incentives to wholesale green energy producers to join our Green Energy Platform by offering them WPP TOKENS as a reward for successful participation in the platform. Polluting Power Plants owned by governments or private industry who adopt our HHO Power Plant Conversion Solution will be rewarded with WPP TOKEN rebates. 

Buyers / leasers of our HHO Mobile Power Station will also be provided rebates in the form of WPP TOKENS. Buyers / leasers of our HHO Home Owner Solution will also be provided rebates in the form of WPP TOKENS. 

Any WPP TOKENS paid as rebates to our customers will then be tradable in the WPP Exchange Platform, with special discounted cryptocurency trading rates offered to our customers. The Exchange Platform is therefore expected to experience an accelerated growth rate of new users, with an organically grown percentage of users from within WPP ENERGY’S own broader customer base. 

More information on the rebate program will be available soon, check back for updates.